Nation State or Nation Franchise; Keeping it Simple

In this present reality we see common turmoil, global psychological oppression, strict fundamentalism and pointless denials of basic freedoms and it appears to be the greater part of these issues are being brought about by Nation States and third world or marginal underdeveloped countries. In any case, imagine a scenario where these countries to be sure had a place with a more significant level gathering. I discuss a World Franchise System where these countries are franchisee individuals. What's more, obviously any arrangement of this sort should be straightforward. I'm extremely useful and yes generally KISS!

For underdeveloped countries joining the establishment framework they need a steady groundwork to expand on and we know the main things for an arising country are;

1.) Clean Water, Food and Shelter and    450 bushmaster ammo    support of those. (frameworks to protect they stay set up security)

2.) Safety of the People

3.) Form of Government-progressing and suitable.

They need steadiness techniques to be placed set up to protect their on-going nature. On the off chance that they as of now have those things or a semi framework set up, we push ahead. It is a movement. Very much like it requires investment to construct a Kinder Care establishment. You should begin with the establishment, then, at that point, the structure and afterward train the staff; before you can deal with the kids.

Moreover, as you fabricate it with their assistance (never give a man a fish, train them to fish theme), they will see the improvement and work to make it incredible, they have a stake (genuine partners, not NGO fake trendy expressions, where the last lying tyrant wins and purchases a personal luxury plane, weapons and ammunition with the Food cash). I figure we ought to establishment the world and assist these arising countries with improving in their undertakings and in doing so everybody wins. Consider this in 2006.

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